Mob programming team

Flexible Classroom Environment

Our open classroom environment is available for students to work during the week completing projects and studying. Students can complete their assignments on campus or from home using our Online Learning Management System.

Weekend Classes

Students are required to attend class on Saturday and Sunday as well as complete all required projects, assessments and a final project. Our program is full time with a flexible schedule. Students may choose to work part-time. It requires a 30-40 hour per week commitment to get through all the material in 8 weeks.

Internship and Industry Experience

Students will participate in an internship with a local San Diego company and complete a project that adds business value to the organization.

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Front-End Web Development

If you have a burning passion to build websites or mobile applications this program will provide you a solid foundation in the skills needed. After completing this program you will be prepared to work on a high performing team. Let’s chat about taking the next step in your journey.

Information Technology

Information technology continues to develop and increasingly plays a major role in science and engineering, as well as daily life. Software engineering is defined as the study of how software systems are constructed, including topics such as project management, quality assurance, and software testing; moreover, software engineering utilizes hands-on approaches to construct, maintain, and manage the overall life cycle of software.