Intro to Web Development

Start using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build websites and learn the basics. Begin to learn how to learn to code effectively. Start ramping up on the technologies used to build modern websites.


Intermediate Web Development

Build larger apps and manage code like the pros. Gain experience with continuous delivery, and quality assurance via automated software testing.


Agile Projects Internship

Complete a final project for your portfolio via an internship with a local company. Earn real world experience by building product and adding value for a local San Diego business.


San Diego Code School offers an eight-week full-time boot camp that primarily focuses on Front-End web development using JavaScript while also focusing on the secondary skills needed to participate in the enterprise software development lifecycle. The program includes topics such as software development, front-end development, continuous delivery principles, 12-factor design patterns, and professional soft skills. After completing the course, a student is expected to:

You'll learn to:

  • Effectively use data structures such as Arrays, Functions, Objects, and Strings in JavaScript
  • Use HTML and CSS to layout web pages
  • Use JavaScript to enhance the behavior of web pages including asynchronous requests to web servers
  • Write unit and integration tests with Mocha
  • Use RESTfull API Services
  • Demonstrate proficiency with Git and Git Workflow
  • Deploy the client side part of a website to a publically available web server using 12 factor app methodologies with continuous integration
  • Work well on a software team and in Agile development environments

San Diego Code School prepares each student for multiple collaboration situations in the workforce such as pair partnering, group projects, mob programming, and individual projects. Each student will have the opportunity to partner and work with a local business or entrepreneurs on their final projects.

We also partner with employers and the local business community to place our students and offer guidance throughout their job search after they graduate. We will help each student create their new software engineering resume, create or update their LinkedIn page, demonstrate mock interviews and help with correspondence between student and employers.

Weeks 1-2


  • HTML/CSS & JavaScript
  • Working with Command Line Tools
  • Time Management
  • Learning How to Learn

Weeks 3-6


  • Introduction to React
  • React State Management
  • React Routing
  • Git Workflow
  • Continuous Delivery
  • “Googling Skill” increases

Weeks 7-8


  • Build a Full-stack “Real World” app for a local business
  • Go from Memorize to Synthesis
  • Focus on problem-solving skills and teamwork
  • Interview and Job Search Prep

Weeks 9+


  • Job search coaching
  • Mock Interviews
  • Career Fair
  • Weekly 1:1 until you get a job