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Invest in your future.

Total Tuition Cost


Avg. Starting Salary*


Our program is very affordable (programs like ours typically cost $15,000), with a $2,499 cost we can offer you the best return on your investment.  We require full payment up front prior to your first class.

Veteran’s/GI Bill Benefits

We don’t accept GI Bill and we’d suggest you save your benefits to use elsewhere (like on a CS or another degree in the future). We have had several veterans enroll and successfully complete our program. They will tell you the ROI is tremendous.

Why is this program priced so low?

We are legally operating in California under an exemption tied to our pricing. This exemption requires us to cap our tuition and fees at less than $2,500 for any programs we offer. Our program is an “early bird” opportunity for a limited number of students, for a limited time, and up until our status changes. When it does our pricing may increase accordingly.

*The average starting salary of students who took our program is $83,600 (based on 6 months of data from October 2018 to April 2019).

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