At San Diego Code School we have restructured our 8 week Front End Web Dev program to operate on a new model of Mob Programming and blended learning. Rather than traditional classrooms with stressful deadlines and long lectures, from day one you will work as a team to tackle learning and communicating technically to solve real-world problems. Our format takes away much of the stress and allows you to collaborate like you will on the job. You’ll learn as a member of a community of like-minded craftsman in an immersive experience. It’s intense and difficult work, but we’ll support you every step of the way.

We hold classes on Saturdays and Sundays so that you can transition into coding. Our students have the flexibility to study at home or in class during the week. Students may choose to work part-time, but we don’t encourage students to attempt to work full time and take our program part-time. Our program requires a 30-40 hour per week commitment to get through all the material in 8 weeks and be ready for a new career in Front-End Web development.

We encourage beginners to apply and we are fully prepared to take you from step 1 to job-ready. If you need more time, you can stay another week or so to make sure you have properly learned all the content of the course.

We code together on the weekends and our lectures are available prerecorded so you can watch them whenever and wherever you want, and then get more in-person contact with the instructors during our Mob Programming coding sessions. Blended learning is more efficient and allows the student to control their learning more than the traditional route.

Finally, our primary focus is to prepare you for day 1 in your new career. Every part of what we’re teaching is directly related to getting your first developer job, helping you with the search process, and making sure you succeed. We work harder than anyone to get you into the software industry.

Our Instructors

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Michael Roberts

Mike is the Founder of San Diego Code School. He has worn many hats from Software Engineer to CEO. He is a Board Member of San Diego JavaScript Community. Mike is a Fullstack JavaScript practitioner with more than 30 years experience coding. He has helped launch more than 100 student careers and has grads working at IBM/RedHat, Apple, WalmartLabs, Sony, AWS, and many more amazing tech companies.

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Wesley Bosse

Throughout more than a decade of coding, Wesley has worked as a Software Developer, DevOps Engineer, and most recently, as a Data Scientist. He has had the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects from maintaining Taylor Swift's online merchandise shop to performing text analysis of popular gaming forums. As an instructor, he has helped bootcamp graduates secure positions at companies like IBM, Amazon, Fox Networks, and more. If you are ready to make the leap into software development, Wesley is here to support you in that journey!

Student Success Stories

Danilo RodriguezSoftware Engineer @ Galley Solutions

Michael was a huge factor in my success with starting a new career. He offered a wealth of wisdom to facilitate my learning and comprehension of coding. Rather than giving answers to “just get through it”, Michael provided insight into the problem-solving process. I felt very confident and well-prepared upon completion of the course and I credit a lot of that to the emphasis on realistic tasks and focus on comprehension vs. completion.

Irene ChiangJr. React Developer @ ScoreShuttle

I was a former student of Michael’s and appreciated his straightforward and practical take on teaching others how to code. He offered a lot of great insight throughout my time at school and as I got to know him over time, was able to see his passion for the craft, education space, and semicolon usage (among other things). I also like that Michael is opinionated but was willing to dialogue with me and others about our ideas while backing up his assertions with reason.

Byron LukSoftware Engineer @ Ezoic

He was great at getting things organized, leading a team of developers, and explaining difficult concepts to others. Michael Robert’s efforts toward excellence and knowledge is what led to me getting a job as a developer at my current company, Ezoic. Michael is extremely knowledge at programming and especially JavaScript, plus he is well experienced in education and familiar with the obstacles in learning how to code. I myself learned a lot working with Michael Roberts on my final project — and I would recommend anyone that wants to learn how to code to talk to Michael first.

Zach ScheckSoftware Engineer @ Ezoic

Michael was a big mentor of mine while I was starting a new career as a software engineer. He is not only great at teaching you the frameworks in the curriculum but more importantly, teaching you the right way to learn and become self-reliant. His tutelage will set you up for success to have a long career.

Miguel ArvizuJr. Software Engineer @ Kicksta

To anyone wanting to make a change in their life and gain the skills needed to be apart of a growing and forever evolving industry. I guarantee Michael will guide you in the right direction… It’s because of his guidance and teaching methods that I’m able to be successful and overcome obstacles as a Jr Software Engineer. It won’t be easy but it will definitely be worth it!

Emil JubooriQA Engineer @ GoFormz

Michael has a passion for teaching others how to code. You could tell he really loved teaching the subject and was very patient. He went above and beyond what you expect from any teacher and I highly recommend signing up for one of his classes, he is extremely skilled.

Steven SchwarzmannUI Engineer @ CalSense

Michael was an instructor at the code school that originally got me into software development and jump-started my career path. He is extremely knowledgeable and was able to answer any questions I brought to the table. Unlike others, he wouldn’t just guide you to the solution to your problem. Instead, he would respond with intelligent questions that would be able to lead you to your answer. This process has helped me tremendously with future problems and questions that I have had in a way that now I can ask myself those questions and ultimately lead myself to a solution. I’m grateful to of had the chance to be taught by him and learn how to solve difficult issues that will benefit me for the rest of my coding career.

Chris BremmerDevOps Engineer @ Nixon

Michael is a brilliant individual who I learned a great deal from. I think his knowledge paired with his thirst to teach others is an unbelievable combo. I have no doubt Michael is going to do great things in his next endeavors and anyone fortunate enough to work/learn alongside Michael should be grateful for the amazing opportunity they have in front of them. Best of luck in your next adventures Michael, keep pumping out quality developers and changing lives!

Keegan JustisQA Engineer @ Mindera

I can personally attest that all the students who showed up every day and put in the effort received amazing job offers and started a rewarding career path in software. Michael was extremely knowledgeable about software development and is actively involved in the local JavaScript community. Whenever I asked for technical help or advice Michael would provide the same level of support and insight you would expect from a senior software engineer in Silicon Valley. Michael Roberts also has a very high standard regarding giving recommendations to students so if you hear that Michael has recommended a student you will want to pick them up right away because they won’t be on the market long.

Jonathan LancasterFront End Developer @ Traina

Michael has a great teaching style! Gives you the information you need to figure it out on your own instead of just feeding you the answers to your questions.

Brian AustinJunior Business Technologist @ RevCult

Michael was a huge factor in my success with starting a new career. He offered a wealth of wisdom to facilitate my learning and comprehension of coding. Rather than giving answers to “just get through it”, Michael provided insight into the problem solving process. I felt very confident and well-prepared upon completion of the course and I credit a lot of that to emphasis on realistic tasks, and focus on comprehension vs. completion.

Christopher LimQA Engineer Intern @ Core Strengths

Michael is one of the best instructors that I had. At first, you will know him as very strict. But he only does that to prepare you for the real world. He is going to push you to your limits to see your full potential. He is very well known throughout the JavaScript community. And if you need advice on something don’t think twice. He suggested I should start learning Selenium, JavaScript, and C#. I followed his advice and now I am a QA Automation Engineer.

Alex MartinezSoftware Customer Support Specialist @ ClinicSource

Studying and coding under Michael’s direction was a great experience. You quickly learn through his training and through your own job search that to become a coder requires a commitment to lifelong learning. In his intense bootcamp you get a firm grasp of the MERN stack in a simulated work environment, but more importantly, you learn how to continue the learning process independently after graduation. This invaluable skill will provide you the confidence to traverse an ever-changing tech industry.

Alex BlackQA Engineer @ MindTouch

Working with and learning from Michael was a great experience for me. He is extremely knowledgeable, always willing to help, and has a knack for reading students/clients to know how to best teach them. I feel that Michael went out of his way to help me in my career transition and advanced learning above and beyond the scope of the course. He was encouraging and supportive during a stressful time. I consider myself lucky to have had the opportunity to interact with and learn from Michael.

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